Since 2012, the singer-song writer has busked to make a living. Crosby has played on many streets in California, including the world famous Venice Beach boardwalk. She plays various farmers' markets in the Los Angeles area, and has even played at BART stations in the Bay Area during her time living in Oakland, CA (2013-2014). Her street performances are amplified--and though she has struggled and been shut down many times to give these live performances around California (due to city ordinances against amplified sound)--she has not given up on this act of free expression. One can usually find her playing on the Venice Beach boardwalk each week from Friday to Monday, sunrise to sundown. Playing on the street in this very personal and grass roots fashion has allowed for Crosby to gain fans from all over the world, one listener at a time. 


In winter of 2013 Crosby lead a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the making of her first album, Blessed Memory. With the help of 70+ backers, she was able to raise enough money to produce and print the album. She received musical help to bring the project to life from El Silard (cellist), John Morgan (pianist/percussionist), and Jimi Marks (percussionist). Her long time friend, Nigel Jones, provided the album with beautiful photography, and their mutual friend, John Beneke, designed the album's template. Chuck Doom, another talented artist/producer, helped to master the eleven songs on the project. Crosby was involved with every step of its making. It was released in July of 2014.

A four-song EP is in the making, and Crosby hopes to release it by the end of 2015.