Born as Crosby Catherine Morgan on February 15, 1991,  she was raised by her two loving parents, Cecilia and Steven, in a small town on the outskirts of Los Angeles. As a very young child, her dad would write songs for her to sing. Eventually Crosby learned to play guitar from him at the age of 10. Her older brother and her were in an band called The Fire Garden, and would record with an old BR-8 machine. 

When her brother moved away to study at Cal in Berkeley, CA, she continued to write and perform her own music, especially in high school. 


Crosby was accepted at UCLA, and opted to study there. She was given a MacBookPro for her studies and immediately began recording with GarageBand. While studying to be a doctor at UCLA, she simultaneously would work on recording herself with the built-in software, writing and performing whenever she could during her first year.


In the summer of 2011, Crosby procured ProTools. She began using it almost daily, learning how to do basic audio recordings, creating MIDI tracks, and understanding the structure of the program. She eventually learned to do more complex maneuvers on the program, such as automation, and using plug-ins to their full potential. She commonly says she will never stop learning about the art of recording; it will always fascinate her. 

To this day, Crosby never misses a chance to record herself, and is always learning, always writing, and always playing.