P A T R O N S  O F  S I L E N C E

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But I saw the smiles and I felt their tears--

’cause music hasn’t faded after all these years


Patrons of Silence is an EP composed of songs that are staples of my performances on the various streets I’ve played.


I’ve performed on the street more times than I can remember. Always, there is at least one moment—a connection—with someone who stops to listen, and it is an undeniable magic that brings us together through music. I am lucky to experience these important moments, and I am validated through these instances to keep sharing my music. Patrons of Silence is about breaking out of a quiet place, speaking up and expressing, especially when the burden of silence weighs upon us. For exercising the expression of our thoughts matters, and it is the only means for change that I know of.

time gave way to countless reflections

the ones they had and

still, my own

relentless eyes looking back 

mirrors after mirrors-

still, mirrors again

wisps of my dreams now tangled into tight knots

I drenched myself in what was left

but then

through desperation I was given 

the gift to see that my voice

was never meant to be hidden


Patrons of Silence